Angie K. MillgateAngie K. Millgate is a highly intuitive, sensitive Empath and Energy Healer that supports women in Remembering who they are, their Soul Purpose, and the power of being in their body. For her audiences, she provides an entertaining, raw, and “in the moment” approach to experiential learning about the power of being in your body, clearing your mind, and embodying your Divine Gifts.

As a Reiki Master Teacher and body-centered spiritual mentor, she has worked with hundreds of people in intimate groups or one-on-one and has supported clients who are living with end-stage breast cancer and Multiple Sclerosis, as well as healing from childhood sexual abuse, generational abuse, domestic violence, sports injuries, renal failure, and meth and heroin addiction.

Known as “The Phoenix,” Angie provides transitional support for those who are ready and willing to release themselves from victimhood, transform from the ashes of the past, and live in their phenomenal, divine nature. This comes forward in every presentation she leads, providing guidance and powerful clearings for the people in attendance who are willing to ask questions and be interactive with the process.

She is passionate about the program she developed entitled “Powerful Beyond Measure,” which supports Sensitives, over the course of six months, in understanding themselves, embracing their gifts, and developing confidence and self-trust. Additionally, she has channeled a new healing modality, “Phoenix Touch,” which she lovingly calls “Reiki on Fire,” and is the culmination of 25 years of training as a healer and life coach.

8 Responses to Speaking

  1. Evie Brunner says:

    I would just like to express my gratitude to you for your words of healing for me on one particular day. It was a sad day for me as I was struggling with a friendship problem and was lost as to how to deal with my emotions. I left your presence with hope and serenity in my heart. Again, Thanks so very much. You also helped me to see ME and appreciate what I am.

  2. Ellie Aguilar says:

    Thank you so very much for showing up for me! I have to admit that I had a harder time sitting through many of the classes. Although Sunday was an incredibly powerful day for me, I do better in one on ones and meditations. Your energy is contagious and much needed in this universe. I feel I connected w you so much deeper when we got a chance to speak together. Thank you for holding space for healing and powerful breakthroughs. I’m looking forward to working together again. Loves

  3. Kelly Cleveland says:

    First of all, I love the photo of Angie with the braids. That is a great look. I really connected with you. I have spent most of my life feeling like an outsider but, your presentation allowed me to feel somewhat understood. I appreciated the tools that you taught us to assist in our personal growth. I agree with Whitney that there was too much meditation in the overall conference. That is not feedback specific to your class Angie. I felt a very strong energy from you that made me feel vulnerable in your presence. I do want to thank you because my goal in attending the conference was to create more movement and growth in my life and that was accomplished!

  4. Abbie M. says:

    Angie is such a great speaker! She brings an amazing energy into the room and speaks from her heart. I recently attended a workshop of Angie’s at the Wild Women Symposium and she did a great incorporating information and practicing the tools that she suggested on the topic. This lady is gifted and I highly recommend checking her out :)

  5. Michelle Brazier says:

    I love you! I honor you and value your friendship and sisterhood. I would not change a thing in your class, it was perfect for me. I don’t want anything from you but your friendship, I believe you are my second soul sister. I swear…you make me dance and laugh my ass off!!!!
    Love and light

  6. Whitney Snyder says:

    At the Wild Women Symposium you were one of the more energetic speakers and held my attention well. I really liked how you had us get up and dance and meet new people and how you had us stand at other times too. It was nice to do something other than sit. I felt like the 3 tips/tools you gave us were great but at the same time I expected something more. Some of your presentation seemed a bit disorganized, and I understand saying what ever you are called to say, but it felt like something was missing. I felt this way at many of the classes and maybe it was the schedule changes but things felt disorganized overall and as much as I like meditation, there was a lot of it throughout the day and it became to much and at other times it seemed like a filler when something more could have been offered. Maybe my expectation were too high of what the symposium had to offer. Maybe it just takes individual work with everyone and it was too much to do at the symposium. Looking back though I feel a little unclear about your work or the type of reading you offer so as additional feedback maybe what you do could have been emphasized more.

  7. Angie,

    Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for your presentation. It was wonderful. Thank you for sharing your gift and light with me and so many others. The only opportunity for growth I can think of is a little more structure in what information you are going to cover. Not too much though, because I love your flow! Your energy is incredible when you present. I can see you glowing! Again, thank you so much. Just thinking about your session makes me smile so big! 😀


  8. Brittney Lauritzen says:

    Oh my where to start! What I loved in general about this weekend is that you teachers went with the flow and just said what came to mind! You read the room and offered up what was supposed to be heard. I very much enjoyed the dance session, the death talk, the spirit found in the room, and the options offered up for the sensitive peeps in the room(all of us!) haha Not related to the class, I really appreciated your loving touch when helping me come out of regression. You are such an amazing spirit and Im so glad to have been able to be in your presence. Have a great day!!

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