The Laws of the Universe

1 – Law of Divine Oneness

We are all connected. Every person, place and thing is connected. What one person is doing, feeling, thinking, speaking and believing has an effect on others. What happens in one part of the Universe has a ripple effect in other areas.

2 – Law of Vibration 

Everything in this Universe is energy and energy has a vibration. Everything moves, vibrates and travels in spherical motions. In addition to all physical substance, our thoughts, emotions, actions, words and beliefs also have unique vibrations. Your vibrations attract similar vibrations to you.

3 – Law of Action 

Following inspired action is the key to manifesting the life you desire. It is imperative that you follow divine impulses that support you in creating that which your heart desires, as well as aligning your thoughts, words, actions, emotions and beliefs to that divine energy.

4 – Law of Correspondence 

“As Above, So Below.” Everything in this Universe has a corresponding principle elsewhere in the Universe. There is a match for all Energy, Light, Vibration and Movement.

5 – Law of Cause and Effect 

Everything in your life happens for a reason. You receive the rewards and consequences from the seeds you plant. As proven through science, for every action there is a reaction. What you put into the Universe comes back to you.

6 – Law of Compensation 

As mentioned in the Law of Cause and Effect, what you put out into the Universe comes back to you. It comes back in the way of abundance in all areas of your life. You are compensated for positively supporting and building up the Universe.

7 – Law of Attraction 

What you think about you bring about. As already mentioned, all of your thoughts, feelings, actions, beliefs and words produce an energy that calls to you its match. Whether it is negative or positive in charge, it will call its match to it.

8 – Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy 

You hold within you the power to transform your life from within. By understanding the tenets of these Universal Laws, applying them to your life and living by them, you have the ability to transform your life.

9 – Law of Relativity 

Each person, place and thing in this Universe has its own challenges which are truly opportunities for growth and change. We experience situations that could be judged as “challenging” to strengthen our inner Light and, also, to help us gain compassion for others who are also experiencing their own challenges. Keeping our “problems” in perspective helps us to unify and support one another.

10 – Law of Polarity 

We have chosen to dwell in a Universe that is based on the law of duality and polarity. Therefore, everything has a polar opposite to provide clarity through contrast. By eliminating what you don’t want, you are able to focus on what you do want to create more of that in your life.

11 – Law of Rhythm 

Every person, place and thing has its own life rhythm that shows up in the cycles of development that every living thing experiences in this Universe. Staying centered, balance and fluid in your own cycles creates ease and flow.

12 – Law of Gender 

Everything and everyone has both masculine and feminine energy, as well as masculine and feminine principles to which they adhere. Creation in this Universe happens through the merging of the masculine and feminine. When you find the balance between the two energies within you, you are on the road to mastering your life.

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