Dancing Crane Imports introductory Intrinsic Universe Transformational Readings every Wednesday and most Sundays at Dancing Crane Imports in Salt Lake City, Utah. Intrinsic Universe Transformational Readings are designed to support you in creating what you want for your future, rather than telling you how it’s going to be. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION

Powerful Beyond Measure is an interactive experience in embracing your divine nature and understanding what it means to be truly Sensitive. Participants will learn about the power of being on Earth, claiming your divinity, and owing your power while gaining skills for creating a comfortable life experience here on Earth. In addition, they will experience channeled guidance for the group through Angie’s energy readings and spiritual questioning. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION

Getting Real about Being Human is a program designed to return you to the remembrance of your infinite self – the self who has all the answers for you already – while clearing archaic beliefs and releasing sabotaging behavior patterns so that you can create and live your most powerful life. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION

Wild Women Symposium is a weekend of empowerment and education, designed exclusively for women ages 18 years and older. Amazing instructors specializing in intuitive arts, healing modalities, fitness, health, and movement have come together to share their knowledge and gifts and help you discover how to step into your full potential. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION

Summer Solstice Celebration – Let Your Light Shine is a community event where you can honor the longest day of the year and celebrate the bright light within you! CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION

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