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Intrinsic Universe coverIntrinsic Universe Transformational Readings are designed to support you in creating what you want for your future, rather than telling you how it’s going to be.

This unique transformational card deck was created by Angie K. Millgate. From the introduction in the booklet that accompanies the deck:

Emotions are able to shift to other areas and become stuck when not allowed to process in easeful ways, which can result in discord, illness and pain. As humans, we have one vehicle – the body – for experiencing this lifetime. Your body works like a faucet, through which passes all of your experiences, emotions, thoughts and creativity. When you stop the flow of one aspect of your life, it creates a dam in your system and affects all aspects of your life. When your life is in balance, you experience flow. Balance comes through fully expressing your emotions in healthy ways.

The Intrinsic Universe deck was designed to be a tool for sparking your intuition and creativity to find clarity regarding areas where you may be causing dams. While you have been given this accompanying channeled text for the intuitive images, it is only a small part of the vast message available to you from your Guides…

Upon conception, every part of you begins forming. All of your cells knew what they were meant to do and each cell did their job as part of a perfectly orchestrated miracle. You are a human being, which is a magical combination of Light and Love – a masterful creation.

Your presence here on Earth is neccessary and purposeful. You were created for significant purposes and have been designed to fulfill these tasks. Your life is hugely significant – remember that always.

Sampling of images from the deck:

Intrinsic Universe sample

What others are saying:

Proud client for life here! I have experienced the quality of my life transform since my last Intrinsic Universe reading. With her powerful intuitive skills Angie touched on so many important details that I didn’t even know how to put into words, limiting beliefs from child hood that I had no idea were affecting me. And, they ‘were’ affecting me; Great big huge! Not only did Angie help identify these thought patterns that were no longer serving me, she gave me incredible, soul inspiring intuitive advice that I have chosen to take. Since I have fully embraced the messages from the Intrinsic Universe and Angie, the divine in my life has truly blossomed. I walked away with more valuable information and self understanding than I could’ve dreamed! I am eternally thankful! Angie truly does have The Phoenix Touch! -Lexy Spendlove, Owner at Butterfly Cakery

Spiritual, touching, revealing, comforting I felt supported and was able to have clarity in the chaos. Thank you, much appreciated. – Cosmetologist Rebekah Williams

It was a great experience, I enjoyed doing the group reading. She is very optimistic made me feel more at ease and overall made it a good time. – Kathryn Salas

I had a great experience. It was a delight to meet you and hear what insights you had to share with me. I was sorry that I didn’t have more time. I look forward to future readings. I have already referred you to some friends. – Melissa Cocoran

I found Angie to be very intuitive and right on. She was very loving and kind with me and very pleasant to talk to. I enjoyed the reading that I got from her very much. She was very insightful. She told me exactly what I needed to hear. -Mrs Penny Truman

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