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A Mentor is someone who is willing to walk beside you, share their experience with you, and support you into becoming what it is you see for yourself. They are someone who refuses to allow you to wimp out, back down, or be less than your full potential. They are honest, forthright, and, most importantly, loving.

Mentoring is the process of working with a Healer or Coach in the process of ongoing healing or training. I offer mentoring packages that are tailor-made to your specific needs and according to what you want to accomplish. They are a series of sessions and interactions for a specific period of time based on the desired outcome.

Healing Mentoring:
Healing Programs are designed to be most beneficial for those who are healing from abuse and are wishing to heal the patterns, as well as possibly ancient wounds of many lifetimes. These programs will uncover the root of the issue in the core, heal it, and reprogram the DNA without the painful agony of revisiting the experience. We will release the emotions stored within the injuries, heal the pattern forward and backward through history, and strengthen the core for supporting a life of ease and powerful forward movement.

Training Mentoring:
Training Programs are designed to be of support to those who are wanting to enhance their own healing Gifts, and create a Healing Practice. Based on the mentoring client’s abilities and past training, the program will be designed to support them in moving forward into their Purpose as a Healer. In a Training Program, the Healing is inherent due to the fact that the trainees are learning to hold space of Healing. I am a firm believer that the Healers need to be doing their own Healing work to be the strongest healer possible.

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