A few things you should know about training with Angie…

Angie has been attuned in the Usui lineage of Reiki, but is also the steward of the fiery Phoenix who arrived in Angie’s life several months before Reiki did, so when she began her attunements with Reiki, she was barely learning how to live with the Phoenix, let alone how to master that astonishing power. Because of Angie’s willingness to become the Phoenix, her Reiki comes through the stunning, transformational Phoenix energy and it has morphed the traditional Usui energy work into a much more dynamic and magical tool.

When you do Reiki attunements with Angie and move onto mastership, you are being initiated into the rites of the Phoenix. You are adopting the life-death-life energy that comes with being a steward of the Phoenix. You will find yourself more frequently in the space of births and deaths – of all kinds… physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and energetically. You may discover that people come to you with whispered tales of “not wanting to go on” and being ready to be “done with all this crap here on earth!” You may be witness to people with outlandish visions birthing through them because they’ve been gifted with the opportunity of pulling through the next tool humanity needs for its evolution. Before choosing into Phoenix Touch Reiki, it is imperative that you are clear that you are taking on the Phoenix, first and foremost.

As a holder of Phoenix Touch Reiki, you become a space of remembrance and ultimate transformation. It is a space where all things are possible and it is where old beliefs die and new beliefs are born. Built on a foundation of Love and Healing, Phoenix Touch Reiki is programmed for turning clients within themselves to uncover their own blockages and to reveal their hidden answers. As a Phoenix Touch Reiki practitioner and Master, you are not The Answer for anyone but yourself. You are, however, a Guide and Protector who holds the space of pure intent on behalf of the client.

Phoenix Touch Reiki is built upon a solid foundation of understanding the human experience first and then embodying the healing energy. Because of the immense – and possibly destructive – power of the Phoenix, Angie has discovered that it is necessary for this foundation to be built first before bringing this energy into your system. The Phoenix fire is cleansing and tends to obliterate any structure that does not support you in being in the space of pure transformation. This process brings up your personal programs and beliefs that are archaic and in need of clearing, taking you through your own life-death-life processes until you are able to withstand her blazing presence.

While traditional Reiki is Japanese of origin, Phoenix Touch Reiki is being brought through an otherworldly channel. Therefore, the symbology, symbols, and language of this spiritual practice and healing art is very mystical. Those who are looking to be attuned to and trained in the traditional ways of Reiki need to look elsewhere, for that is not what you will find in Phoenix Touch Reiki.

Training in Phoenix Touch Reiki is outlined in the following manner:

  • Powerful Beyond Measure
    • This 6-month hybrid program begins the process of waking you up to the remembrance of your true nature. (A hybrid program is a combination of online education with teleconferences, webinars, and/or in-person events.) It begins the process of waking you up to the remembrance of your true nature. It brushes the very surface of over two decades of Angie’s training in many different modalities, practices, and systems. This entry-level program supports you in the beginning stages of releasing any limiting beliefs or self-sabotaging patterns to prepare you to receive the Phoenix. (For more information on this program and to get enrolled in the next cycle, CLICK HERE) Upon full completion of this program, you have the opportunity to be attuned to the first level of Phoenix Touch Reiki. (For non-local participants, any in-person experiences will be done via webcam and long distance energy work.)
  • Phoenix Touch Reiki – Level One
    • You will be initiated into the energy of the Phoenix and receive the gift of her fiery power. You will be introduced to the language of Phoenix Touch Reiki, the symbols, and the simple, beginning processes of this Healing energy. Upon completion of this level, you will be attuned to self-healing and simple healing processes for others and receive a Level One certificate.
  • Divinely Powerful
    • This 6-month hybrid program is a continuation of the process we began in Powerful Beyond Measure. In this course, we delve deeper into the topics discussed during the first six months, as well as opening up to more expansive and ethereal concepts. This second program supports further evolution of your personal systems to support more of the Phoenix Touch Reiki energy and is by invitation only, based on completion of Powerful Beyond Measure. Upon full completion of Divinely Powerful, you have the opportunity to be attuned to the second level of Phoenix Touch Reiki. (For non-local participants, any in-person experiences will be done via webcam and long distance energy work)
  • Phoenix Touch Reiki – Level Two
    • This level is about broadening your abilities and your knowledge of the Phoenix energy. This training contains more symbol, rituals, and processes to be of service to a broader sector of humanity. You will go through the process of refining and accelerating your Phoenix energy to accommodate the expansion required for complex healing work, group work, and long distance healing. You will receive a Level Two certificate upon completion of this program.
  • Phoenix Touch Reiki – Master Internship
    • This year-long program is a one-on-one, in-person, interactive experience of embodying the energy of a Master of Phoenix Touch Reiki. It continues to dive deeper and deeper into the education components, grounding the knowing in the body and solidifying the foundation we began building in the first year. By invitation only, this program has intensive interchanges between the Phoenix, the Intern, and Angie, and provides the Intern with opportunities to serve and receive in the energetic atmosphere of Phoenix Touch Reiki sessions in tandem with Angie.This process helps to clarify your work, introduces you to the DNA reprogramming and clearing, as well as expanding your ability to hold space. Upon full completion of this internship, you will receive your Master of Phoenix Touch Reiki certificate. (For non-local participants, any in-person experiences will be done via webcam and long distance energy work)
  • Phoenix Touch Reiki – Master Teacher Intensive
    • Passing on Reiki from master to student has been a practice since the introduction of Reiki centuries ago. After completing the two years of programs to become a Master of Phoenix Touch Reiki and all the life-death-life cycles you have personally experienced throughout that process, you now understand how imperative it is to be fully supported through the process of integrating the Phoenix.For this very reason, if you desire to train masters and pass on Phoenix Touch Reiki, you must complete the Master Teacher of Phoenix Touch Reiki Intensive. Unlike other Reiki systems where masters – and even practitioners, sometimes – are passing on their Reiki to students, Phoenix Touch Reiki is passed on only through the Master Teachers of Phoenix Touch Reiki.While the Master of Phoenix Touch Reiki internship program was an intensive one-on-one, year-long program, the Master Teachers of Phoenix Touch Reiki Intensive is a group mentoring program where Masters of Phoenix Touch Reiki come together to create a tribe of healers dedicated to waking up humanity through Love. This program runs when three Masters of Phoenix Touch Reiki are ready to become Teachers and will be another 6-month hybrid program that covers setting up curriculum, leading classes and discussions and various other aspects that go into passing on the gift of the Phoenix. Upon completion of this program, you will be entitled to attune, initiate, and train others through to the completion of the level of Master of Phoenix Touch Reiki. You will receive your Master binder, all materials necessary for teaching Phoenix Touch Reiki, and work closely with Angie in expanding the Phoenix Touch Reiki community. Upon completion of this course, you will receive a plaque of certification of completion as Master Teacher of Phoenix Touch Reiki.

If you are interested in beginning the process of becoming a Phoenix Touch Reiki practitioner or Master, Powerful Beyond Measure is a closed group program for which you must apply and be invited to participate.

To begin your application process, email Angie:

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