Sitting in my bedroom this morning, it seems that I have taken up residency in the local aviary! The birds are delightfully noisy today, many different breeds adding into the cacophony of the springtime orchestration of welcoming that’s going on outside my window. In the living room, facing east, the sun is rising in a nearly-clear crystalline blue sky. I feel happy seeing and hearing this day because it matches my internal atmosphere to a “t”… welcoming, happy and crystal clear.

Today, I am grateful for… the sun that rises unfailingly every day * listening to my father talk to himself as he works on his computer and waits (im)patiently for it to do what he needs it to do * the feeling of Christmas morning on a bright, sunny spring day * being present for my loved ones as they go through their experiences of transformation * my God-given abilities * music * when my daughter says, “Mom, I have a song to share with you,” and when she does, it is a song with beautiful, positive messages and I feel profoundly moved by how confident she is in herself * listening to her sing these powerful songs from behind a closed door, when she is unaware that I can hear her and she is in her own world, enjoying her abilities * having a place to go to “work” that leaves me feeling rejuvenated and excited * friends * family* seeing someone who I haven’t seen for awhile, connecting and laughing together.

I AM FULLY ALIVE! So cool!!!

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