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I went to my Facebook newsfeed. *gasp!* The first three posts were by dear friends whose posts I actually WANT to read. Every single one of them portrayed, in one way or another, ways in which the media is “bad.” I was a bit put off by it.

Every time we focus on all the “bad” being said by the media, the ways the media is corrupted, and how negatively manipulative the media is, we lose sight of all the GOOD the media does, the entertainment it brings, and the movements it grows. “Media” – the internet, magazines, television, radio, movies, etc – isn’t the culprit. The people responsible for the fiasco is the people who keep buying that shit. If there wasn’t a market for the shit, the shit wouldn’t be made, wouldn’t be reported in the manner that it is.

In a world that has become desensitized by sensationalized drama, we get to start looking at how we are contributing to the madness. Every time we post an article that has something in it like “the media keeps telling us blahdy-blahdy-blah…” as a means of proving, once again, how evil the media is, we are adding to the sensationalism. We have a choice about what we put our energy behind.

You wanna start a movement? You wanna effect a change? I invite you to do so without blaming anyone in the process, including “the media.”

What we focus on grows.

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