This life IS a choice. What we create here on this planet is a direct result of the choices we make. What this time in history is about is liberating humanity from the enslavement it has created for itself and ending the destructive cycle of domination, anger, fear, power, and control with which humanity has been enthralled for centuries.

There are certain practices that must come to an end for humans to go on existing. Some of these patterns have been around for millennia, interwoven with our DNA, and have become the norm for how humans interact with one another. Many of these ways of life ARE leading to our own demise; and quickly.

Because of what I have been shown, I’ve been doing some BIG internal housekeeping and shifting myself, with the intention of becoming a crystalline vessel through which my highest purpose can flow. Today, I am putting it down in words, as a means of solidifying my commitment. And, if you so choose, you can see this as an invitation for you to do self-inventory and see if some of these are within you, or what other patterns you are going to choose to end for you and yours.

I am ending my propensity to “suck up” abuse in the name of love. I am ending my pattern to stand by and have people talk to me in ways that are meant to intimidate, bully, or attempt to strike me down. I am ending relationships with people who create drama, feed on drama, and invoke drama as a means of feeling alive.

I am ending my practice of connecting with others from a foundation of misery, abuse, and violence. I am ending my association with people who are committed to that way of life. I am ending relationships with people who are unaccountable, dishonest, and blame others without getting clear on their own stuff.

I am committing myself to living forgiveness, allowance, gratitude, receptiveness, curiosity, wonder, limitless possibility, peace, and transparency. I am committing to provide this to myself and to everyone I come in contact with. I am creating relationships with people who have the same level of commitment.

I am committing myelf to living in integrity. I am creating relationships with people whose definition of integrity is aligned with mine.

I am living love. I am living healing. I am living fullness. I am living peace.

I have an educated mind. I have a strong voice. I have an impressive grasp on the English language. And I know how to use them.


I CHOOSE TO EMPLOY ALL OF ME to stand up for my rights, the rights of those I love, and the rights of those who have had their voices stolen.

I am here. I am on Earth. I am CHOOSING to be human, right now.


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