I ran into a sweet friend the other night and she said, “Angie! What’s going on in your life? You’re all glowy! Oh! Are you in love? Who’s the lucky person?” I laughed and paused for a moment because, really, there is no other person with whom I am in love. However, I have developed such a loving relationship with myself and found it surprising that that love was showing on my face. I smiled and suddenly felt shy, “It’s me I’m in love with.” She clapped her hands and did a happy dance, “Well! That is THE best relationship of all! I’m so glad I got to witness you in yours!” Apparently, I’m in love and it shows! LOL

Today, I am so appreciating… * the central air conditioning that is keeping the house at a comfortable 76-77 degrees while the temperature outside climbs to over 100 * good movies that bring me fits of giggles from the silliness and tears of sadness from the touching parts * fireworks * the music playing through my headphones because it sounds very Italian and, if I close my eyes, I can imagine that I’m in Italy * being in love * surprises received on an “ordinary” day * finally knowing what I want to do with my educational career.

Thank you, Source, for leading me into love.

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