It was only a hair’s-width of hesitation on my part, but it was the saving grace. I had paused at the first neighborhood intersection before proceeding onto the second intersection that was a mere 100 feet away. I didn’t need to stop at either intersection, but, for some reason, I slowed to a yield at the first. I had no idea why.

Just before I reached the second intersection, a full-size Chevy truck blasted across the intersection without even so much as pausing for a breath at his stop sign and driving at least 10mph over the neighborhood limit. I hadn’t been able to see him coming. The houses had blocked him from my view. Had I not paused, he would have broadsided me dead-on on the driver’s side.

My stomach leapt to my throat and my heart stopped for a moment. For some reason, I wanted to cry. The sudden surge of fear and gratitude wrapped up all in one was intense. I am just now beginning to breathe normally…

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  1. Cele says:

    Oh mi gosh women’s intuition and a few guardian angels at work.

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