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“I don’t trust her. I think she’s lying and I want you to tell me if she cheated or not.”

I stared at the young man, experiencing his energy as intrusive and combative. I breathed deep, standing my ground and resisting the urge to take several steps away from him or punch him or both. This was the third attempt he had made at enrolling me in his quest and, although I had explained I didn’t do fortune telling or the kind of psychic work he was requesting, he was clearly not getting it. He was so wrapped up in his story that he could not hear anything other than what he wanted to hear.

So I reworded it in another way; I asked a question, “Sir, have you asked her if she cheated on you?”

A new client had tentatively approached and was listening in on our conversation.

“Of course,” he said, “and she said, ‘no,’ but I think she’s lying.”

“Well then,” I said. “It sounds as though you have your answer.”

“No. I want someone to look into her and tell me I’m right.”

It took everything I had to not vomit on his shoes.

“What you’re asking of me is not the kind of work I do. If you would like to invite her in here and she gives me permission to work with her, then I will gladly do so. Other than that, I cannot be of service to you.”

He nodded lamely and wandered away. A few minutes later, he showed back up and, interrupting a session with the new client who had been listening in, he said, “I’m going to court in a couple days. I need you to tell me how that is going to turn out.”

My client’s eyes bugged out and her jaw dropped. I stared at him disbelievingly, completely speechless. I took a deep breath and said, “Sir… I do not do that kind of work. If you would like to heal the pattern that you are living that got you in the situation that ended up with an arrest in the first place, I can help you with that. However, I do not do fortune telling.”

He didn’t like my answer. I didn’t care. He picked up the business cards of the other readers and said to me angrily, “Well, I need someone to tell me my woman is cheating and I need someone to tell me what is going to happen at court. If you won’t do it, then I will just find someone who will then.” Then he stalked off.

The thing is, he will find someone who will give him what he wants because that is the only option open for him at this time. He is so singularly focused on what his woman has or has not done and that she is lying about it, there is no other alternative for it. And he’s unwilling to look at his own crap that he’s playing out that landed him in court in the first place. He will find a psychic who is willing to read his woman’s energy without her permission and that reader will confirm his suspicions.

I’m not saying his woman is lying or that she has even done anything to lie about. What I am saying, though, is that this man was so far out of integrity with his requests and so deep in the belief that she was betraying him and lying about it AND everything in him was telling him that was the case AND he was ignoring that and relying on others to tell him what his beliefs were already screaming at him, that there was no possible way for anyone to get to the truth of the situation. On top of that, he had his own stuff bubbling that he was unwilling to clear and so everything in his world had become about everyone else.

His unwillingness to address his own behaviors accompanied by the search for a psychic with looser boundaries will only lead to exactly what he is looking for and will continue to repeat the patterns that have got him where he was in that very moment.

The only way to heal a pattern is to address the pattern, to look it straight in the face and do. your. work.

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