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Having a moment of huge gratitude that I thought I would share for all you Sensitives out there that are wondering what the hell you’re doing on this planet…

I have fought so hard and for so damn long to remain outside the system of corporate America. I have faced so much fear about not making it, about starving, about this being the “wrong” choice, about debtor’s prison, about all the false security that is attached to the concept of working for a paycheck, about having my daughter taken away from me, about never having a place of my own, and on and on and on. The fears, at times, have seemed insurmountable. Today has been a reminder of what my purpose is and has shown me how the struggle and all those fears and worry about money… how all of that has been worth it.

There is so much of what I do and why I am here that is indescribable and there is no construct from the past that my work is built upon. Because of that, many people don’t understand what I “do” … there is no old language to describe it and the new language only comes from within the experience of what I “do” and it is different for every person.

For a long time, I was plagued with trying to come up with elevator speeches and descriptions and models of proof for what I do. And I never was able to complete any of that. There is no model for what I do – *I* was designed to do what I do and there are no forerunners in that. There is no description because what I “do” is different for everyone with whom I interact. And there is no way to encapsulate any of this in a short 10-second elevator speech or even a 2 minute monologue.

As I held space for the inspirational and powerful people that showed up in front of me today, I was once again reminded that even though there is no way to describe what I do and there are no words to label it and there is no construct for a frame of reference for it, it really *does* matter; I’ve been blessed to be a steward for the Phoenix for very specific reasons.

We are in tumultuous times here on this planet and the Sensitives are getting the brunt of it. The energy is frenetic, the emotions are high, and the chaos is very loud. All of this works together to make for a very uncomfortable existence if you have any sensitivity at all. Because of this, you may be wanting to give up on your purpose or you may be thinking you don’t have a purpose or maybe you have lost sight of your purpose… I’m here to remind you of something very important: YOU have been designed the way you have been designed because there is someone (or someones) here on this planet that need your very skill set. You do matter and you are important and you are changing this planet for the better simply because you are here.

Thank you for being willing to keep on keepin’ on. I send you love.

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2 Responses to Thank YOU for Being Willing to Keep On Keepin’ On

  1. Thank you for this beautiful reminder Angie, and THANK YOU for keeping on too. I’m blessed and thankful for you!! <3

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