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The email said, “Describe the Ten Commandments of Your Industry.” I stared at it for a very long time, wondering what in the hell I had to say about my “industry.” First of all… I don’t comfortably fit in an “industry” because when you roll all of my skills into one person, you create an anomaly – ME! And, as far as I know, there is no “industry” yet that is called “Transformational Art, Writing, Healing, and Graphic Design” so I’m stumped on how to fulfill this request.

Perhaps it’s up to me and I must create a new industry… Hmmmm…


Transformational Art, Writing, Healing, and Graphic Design is now a new industry and I can proceed…

The Ten Commandments of the Transformational Art, Writing, Healing, and Graphic Design

  1. You must be willing, willing, willing. No matter what you’re doing, the foundational step is immense willingness. Transformation of any kind – whether it is through healing work or the creation of product that will represent your business out in the world or the process of branding your business to be in alignment with your Purpose – requires that you are in a space of willingness and that you continue to return to willingness time and again.
  2. You must remember at all times that you are AT CHOICE about your life. You’re on this planet because you chose to be. You’re doing transformational work because you choose to. Enrolling in any sort of transformational process out of “need to do it right” or because “everyone else is” or because you’re “desperate” is a set up for pain and frustration.
  3. You must commit to being fully alive. Sometimes people think this commandment is redundant… “I’m here, aren’t I? Doesn’t that mean I am alive?” No. Not really. Being fully alive has an element of actually wanting to be here on earth for no other reason than you want to be here. Sometimes people stay here out of obligation to loved ones, which is a self-destructive cycle of an “appropriate” slow death. If you’re still confused about this commandment, refer to commandments one and two.
  4. You must be courageous. Transformational work is sometimes a painful process because it requires that you look within and maybe, even, at those parts of you that you have hidden for far too long. When you’re transforming yourself or your business to become more visible in the world so that you’re able to clearly deliver your message, then you have to face into that which you have wanted to keep invisible. That “invisible stuff” has been invisible for this long for very good reasons. That is why transformational work requires guts – you have to face the fear and go through it to the other side where your divine truth glows for all to witness.
  5. You must be open to seeing feedback as an opportunity to learn, grow, and transform. Feedback is in every aspect of your life, every interaction, every experience. When you choose to interact with feedback without emotional attachment and a commitment to learning, you create an energy of empowerment. It also makes the process more loving and gentle. Your life is a grand experiment and the more powerful your reaction is to the experiment, the more information there is in that specific feedback and the more opportunity you have for transformation through being willing (yes, there it is again) to look at yourself instead of blaming others or getting defensive and closing down.
  6. You must have no other voice more important than your own divine voice. In all aspects of transformational work, your inner voice is reigning king. YOU have the final say in all of your work, no matter what anyone brings to you or coaches you. Knowing the sound of your inner voice, its personality, and that it is an ever-present gift is of huge benefit to you.
  7. You must laugh whenever possible. Transformational work, in all of its glory, can get really heavy and some find it easy to get stuck in the “process” of the work. At all times, remember, this life is about joy and you were created for Love and Joy. When things start getting serious, it’s time to break out the whimsical and invoke laughter.
  8. You must move your body to a rhythm that is all your own – even when others cannot hear the beat. One of the most powerful tools of transformation is your own body and the movement thereof. Transformation is literally the exercise of changing forms. It is motion. Allowing your body to move as you transform is supportive and creates an easeful, gentle evolution of greatness.
  9. You must do your own work. Along the path of transformational work, there are always things to look at, things to address, things to process, things to release. And, ya gotta be willing (Yep! there it is again!) to do the work for yourself. No one can do the transformation for you. Just like you can’t help a butterfly out of her chrysalis. Doing so will kill her. The process of her breaking through is where she develops her strength to fly. You are your own butterfly.
  10. You must remember to BREATHE and provide yourself rest time wherein you integrate. Breathing is your most readily available tool. Use it often. Learn conscious breathing techniques of transformation and employ them when the going gets tough. And then, along the transformational path, take a break every now and then to rest. This rest allows your systems to integrate and accommodate the changes.

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