The Biggest Wig of all the Big Wigs possible in the State of Utah in relation to the National Parks is in the office right now. This man is someone who has ALWAYS been kind and friendly to me, but whom everyone tucks tail and runs when he is around. They trip over themselves to please him and I’ve been watching it for over a year and half now, amused every time because I can see just how much their discomfort is discombobulating for him.

Having myself been someone, in the past, who often received the feedback that I was “mean,” “intimidating,” and “scary,” I understand what it is like when people BELIEVE that is who you are. They have no other means of responding other than to cower or run away.

Today, he and I were chatting in my office – no one chats with him; no one treats him like a human; they all treat him like a superior asshole who is out to lop their heads off – and we were having a right ole good time of it!

He asked if I needed any help with my pathetic computer and that he would put in a word for me if I thought it would help.

I actually teased him and laughed, as I said, “Well, you ARE Mr. So-and-so, THE Big Dog of whom everyone is terrified of, so sending you after anyone might get the job done must faster than anyone else could.”

He laughed and said, “Well, I don’t know about that, but I do know I can be a big pain in the ass and people don’t like that so they tend to do whatever I ask so that I will go away.”

Unable to stop laughing, I asked, “So you ARE aware that you terrify everyone, then?”

“I had noticed,” he said, shaking his head and snickering. “It is baffling! You don’t seem to be scared, though.”

“Ah heck,” I said, “I like Big Dogs! They tend to be very protective, very productive, and very loving.”

One more story that goes to show you that WHAT YOU BELIEVE TO BE TRUE, *IS* TRUE!

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