No matter how much time you spend in the 5th dimension doing miraculous things and living in love and light, the real juice is recognizing that you have a body and that you are on this planet. So you’re here, but are you alive?

Do you *want* to be alive?

When I ask this sort of question of my clients, I am frequently met with a blank stare and the response, “Well, geez! I’m here in front of you; doesn’t that mean I WANT to be alive?”


There is a really big difference between being fully alive and simply existing.

Being alive means you are experiencing your life – every single moment of it – all the ups and downs, all the joys and sorrows, all the fears and love. It means you’re in. your. body!

Do you want to be alive? Do realize that the answer to that question is a choice?

Gentle reminder… you ARE on this planet. You chose to come to this planet. And, every moment since that originating choice is also a choice. What are you creating with your choices?

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