Recently, one of my coaches told me, “Angie, you’re a catharsis junkie! You LOVE to transform yourself in BIG ways and then you crash…” I laughed because it WAS so true. However, that was a few weeks ago and I’ve learned that baby steps are my road to the future. Baby steps, Bob.

Today, I am grateful for… learning to walk again * TUT Notes from the Universe that remind me, each day, that I am loved * my first body sculpting session and feeling what it feels like to physically begin LITERALLY breaking down this visceral shield I’ve created around myself * feeling the softness of my belly as it continues to break down the fat that I have lovingly released with gratitude for the hard work it has done to keep me safe * deciding to take American Sign Language this semester and having absolutely NO idea beforehand that it was going to change my life and rock my world * the tightly held buds on the trees outside my window… they are so ready to burst forth at the perfect moment * my beautiful daughter and being witness to her journey * knowing… IT IS TIME!

I AM so abundantly blessed!

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  1. Jen says:

    I love this. :) I love YOU!!

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