How far have I traveled? How far will I go? Well… “far” is all relative, is it not?

My shoulder was made to hold your head, my hand to hold yours

My shoulder was made to hold your head, my hand to hold yours

Long, long ago I fell in love. It was a connection made in a newfangled sort of way… through an internet dating site. I was leery at first because I couldn’t believe you would be able to get to know someone without ever really “meeting” them, but my friends coerced me and I was curious so I leapt into the world of online dating.

When he and I began writing back and forth, I was astounded to learn that I actually could get to know someone without ever meeting them. Even more than that… I could fall in love. I was in love with this words. I was in love with his voice. I was in love with the pictures of him. I was in love with his heart and eventually it became clear that we NEEDED to meet one another face to face.

He came to me first and we planned it so that not only would he be meeting me and my daughter, but my entire family all at the same time because he traveled to my home state in time for my baby brother’s wedding. Our love grew deeper on this visit and, as it did, so did our frustration because he was a Canadian citizen with children that he could not move across the international border. And I was an American citizen with a tiny daughter whom I would not move away from her father.

My daughter and I traveled a few months later to his homeland… Ontario. It was beautiful and the trip was delightful, but I left with a broken heart because he and I both knew that, while we loved one another, we would never be able to work it out with our children.

I miss him every day.

As for traveling farther than that someday… well… I just had my palm analyzed and she said there is a “big” trip across the seas coming for me in my 50’s. Who knows? Maybe he and I will meet on another continent and fall in love again…


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