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image courtesy of and linked to originating artist

About ten years ago, I had a mentor tell me that I was the only person she had met that could walk into a room and actually make people’s heads explode. She was the facilitator of a large community in which I had huge conflicts that I didn’t understand with several of the people. Their negativity, acidic attitude, and nasty words hurt me, causing my existence within the group to be narrowed down to one long, simmering, painful, rolling boil.

Over the years, I grew to understand that I AM a space of transformation. This can be an incredibly powerful, loving process for those who are willing. However, those who need to shift, but are not willing, often get agitated and sometimes downright mean toward me.

Realizing that people seek me out *because* they want to/need to/are ready to shift, and that my commitment to being a space of loving transformation is active and available at all times for those I work with – so much so that even my Facebook private message inbox is a magically transformational space – has been such an eye-opening experience. But the biggest transformation for me has been in the acknowledgment that not everyone is ready or willing for the transformation I inherently carry within me and when I am around those people, holding a space for their fiery anger without allowing it to burn me is the gift I give myself.

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