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One thing that we, as Healers, would benefit by remembering is this… the work we do is something that must be received for it to work. The miracle comes through us, but the client has to be willing to receive it. We hold the space for miracles; they do the work. And while Energy Healers work in tandem with the client’s energy, it is still the client who has to be willing to shift. While it may have happened in the presence of another Healer, YOU were the Healer who was there. So yes, when they are grateful to you for the work that was done, receive that gratitude. And then let it go. Their gratitude is *not* who you are, nor are their complaints.

When they praise us as being “The BEST” at whatever kind of work we do, it is really no truer than if they were to shout that we are “The WORST” at whatever kind of work we do. While it is nice to hear that they love what we have done, remember that affections can change as quickly as the wind. And one day, if they are not happy, they can suddenly forget how much they loved what you did. They can forget all the praises they sang in your honor. They can forget all the work they did in your presence. They can forget that you were even present in the healing work.

And that IS okay. Because, in the end, it was them all along.

Their opinion of you as a Healer has no true impact on you as a Healer. YOU are the only one who has impact on you as a Healer.

Being a Healer is a dance of Love with the Universe. Choose Love. Choose to remember that YOU are an INSTRUMENT of Love. Choose to keep being who you are and doing what you do because you Love it. For no other reason. And then, you will always feel love. No matter what your clients are saying.

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