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#IAmACatch is a movement designed to clear any “unlovable” energy from the planet. People are unique and quirky, but often judge those eccentricities as being unlovable or unattractive traits. This is a fun exercise in sharing all the ways in which we judge ourselves to be unlovable as a way of clearing any and all unlovable energy we may carry. I invite you to play along with me and let’s have some fun together, destroying and uncreating these archaic beliefs!

Recognizing what makes you so uniquely you brings awareness to it and expands it, magnifying the magic of who you are. Come on and play with me. What makes YOU so amazing? Post it on Facebook or Twitter and add #IAmACatch.

Let’s join together in the creation of a world where we embrace our eccentricities and create an environment that celebrates diversities.

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This movement began back in March, 2015, one day when I was on a call with my best friend. This is the accounting of that experience:

BF: “Angie,” she said to me as we laughed our asses off together, “I think you need to own your hot-mess-ness.”

Me: “Oh really?” I had tears running down my face – not sure if it was because I was laughing so hard or because I was immensely disappointed in how things seemed to be turning out in my life.

BF: “Yes,” she said and then she offered, “You could try something like, ‘I’m committed to getting so sick that I knock myself on my own ass and end up hating everyone on the planet and want someone to think it’s adorable and love me through all that and tell me that it’s all going to be okay *AND* I’m totally addicted to the word NEED *AND* I think that all salespeople are manipulative so I don’t trust *any* sales technique and therefore I don’t sell worth shit and my business is faltering.’ Something like that. There is someone out there, I know, that will find that charming!”

I couldn’t breathe for quite some time as I laughed and laughed and I am still laughing about this blunt, yet truthful, reflection of what I’ve been hiding (or thinking that I’m hiding) from the world. WOW! What a catch I am! How DOES it get any better than that???!

After that, for a few days, I began to notice how much I was judging myself. And being REALLY mean to me. And every time I did it, I reminded myself that it was something that was a part of me, it was part of a whole, it was what made me, ME! And then, the #IAmACatch practice started as a way of reminding me of the truth of me.

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