Profoundly Sensitive People…

The more you fight your gifts, the more “over sensitive” you become. The more you deny what you’re capable of, the bigger your abilities get until you are uncomfortable, hyperaware, and traumatized by sights, scents, and sounds. If you try to push your gifts down under the protective wall of “I’m NOT sensitive,” then you force them to come out sideways.

You ARE divinely designed to fully experience all aspects of this life, to be aware of other’s feelings, to be witness to the atrocities of this world AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. When you choose to play mute, deaf, and blind in the face of today’s tragedies, mishaps, and maligned human interactions you are removing yourself from the solution. YOU are here to make a difference and your playing small serves no one, least of all yourself.

NOW is the time to stand up and BE who you were designed to be. Humanity severely needs people who can feel, hear, and see things in different way and who are willing to stand up for that.

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