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Because I am a Visionary and a Storyteller, I have always had a love of movies. They call to something deep inside of me and there are some really magical ones – that others believe are “only” a movie – that have had a profound effect on me, providing huge transformations. Every one of them, when I first hear of them, I have a visceral sensation that alerts me that this is something I *need* to watch. It is as if I get punched in the gut while something pulls on my chest bone as chivels erupt throughout my system.

This sensory experience rarely happens, but it always in relation to moving picture media – videos, movies, and television series. And, often, the response is so intense that it terrifies me and, while I know it is something I *must* watch, I usually drag my feet to do so. It is also usually in response to something my rational mind and “normal” self would NEVER choose to watch because of theme and content of it, but I have come to understand it to mean that something within this new moving picture I have been exposed to has an element of activation or training for me, something that is in alignment with my soul. There is a message of remembrance that will wake up within me when I allow the images, sounds, and words to pour through me.

Movies such as Constantine, Lady in the Water, Cloud Atlas, Legion, The Giver, The Village, and The Host are a few of the movies that have spawned this reaction – and still do, no matter how many times I watch them. Series such as The Magicians, Lucifer, Being Human, Stranger Things, The 100, and The Originals are some of the series that have had this pull.

I gotta say, I am SO impressed with every one of the #Netflix originals I have watched, whether it is a series or movie. They knock it out of the park every time, while addressing some really intense issues that are being ignored by the conglomerate media. When I first caught a glimpse of the The OA header advertisement on the Netflix home screen nearly nine months ago, I gasped and had that experience I explained above. Without doing any research about it, or reading the tiny blurb about it, or watching any of the trailers, I resolutely chose to NOT watch it because the response was so intense, nearly violent, that I freaked right out and promptly forgot about it as a means of self-protection.

Last night, after finishing Stranger Things for the second time – and loving it just as much – The OA popped up as a highly rated suggestion for me. I didn’t remember having the explosion of emotional responses to it the first time around until Netflix took me headlong into the story without credits, without introduction, and without warning. And there I was, jaw gaping, eyes wide, and thoroughly enthralled instantaneously while covered in unending chivels. Within seconds, I remembered that *this* was one of *those* moving pictures that was going to change my life. This time, I wasn’t scared. I was ready.

I have NO idea what this show is about – I still haven’t done any research about it, still haven’t read the tiny blurb about it, and I still haven’t watched any of the trailers. I just said “YES” and dove in, heart first, to find myself fully captivated and forcing myself to turn it off when my latest possible “common sense” bedtime arrived at the end of the first episode last night.

I haven’t stopped thinking about it since.

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