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Grateful for the past… the clarity that comes from being willing to keep looking at the past when something niggles at me so that I can move through it, the courage to face the very things within me and the experiences I have created in the past that I am most scared to look at, and really looking at the relationship choices I once made and being honest with myself about just how much crap I have allowed in the name of love.

Grateful for the present… the experience of being with myself in the now and witnessing and feeling all that is here for me, the liberation that results from my willingness to let go of “what once was” but is no more, the sense of lightness I now have because letting go of the past has freed me up for my life, and knowing that the cliche of “when one door closes, another opens,” is true of all things and when I continue to choose Love then those doors open more frequently.

Grateful for the future… all the possibilities that are burgeoning there, the prospect of living in the liberation that results from letting go time and again, the vast magical potential that is always available to me in the very next moment, and because every new day – every new moment – is an opportunity to choose again, if the consequences are something I don’t like, I can shift out by choosing differently or if they are something I appreciate, I can make similar choices.


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