*-*-* Attention ALL Energy Readers and Psychics! *-*-*

Invasion is an act of aggression, a violation, an entering of another’s space without permission.

When one country invades another country, it is call an act of war.

When a man invades a woman, it is called rape.

When an energy reader or psychic reads another without first seeking permission, it is called “being of service.” This is false.

Those of you who insist on reading everyone with whom you come in contact, delivering “messages” to them because their angels and guides are telling you to tell them something, scanning their body and delivering your interpretation of what their “issue” is, sharing your good advice just because you felt they need to hear it, or telling anyone who stands in conversation with you about how they can better their life and what oils, crystals, or mantras they need to use to do so… you are out of line and these behaviors are an invasion.

You are perpetuating the energy of war and rape.

Stop it. NOW!

That is all.

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