One of the things I love about my gifts is the ability to support people in remembering their divine nature. It is such a beautiful honor to be witness to the unfolding of their truths and the “ah ha!” moments that happen as the process evolves. The light that shines forth from them and in their eyes is so gorgeous and I am so moved each time I behold it.

In this work, I guide people in uncovering the ways they may be sabotaging themselves. We look at the patterns in their lives that they are frustrated with or feeling beat up by. As I listen to their spoken words, body language, and unspoken memories, I am able to see and feel the energy of the belief or DNA programming that is running this pattern. Sometimes, I am guided to share details of what I am experiencing. Sometimes, because the images, sensations, and reality of “it” is too painful or horrifying, I am told to simply be witness to it and then allow it to evaporate through me and into the Universe. When the process is complete with the energy, I release it, heal the resulting wound in the energy body, and then design a new, stronger, healthier foundation to build their future upon.

This work I do is interactive. I do not believe, in any way, that I hold your answers. YOU are your own answer. I have fantastic questions that inspire you to dig for the treasured nuggets of truth within you that have been buried under years of archaic beliefs, lies, and misunderstandings. This treasure hunt is exciting and can be hard work, but every client has said in the end that the entire adventure was worth it all.

While I am powerfully psychic, I do not use my psychic gifts to “fix” other people or give them their answers. I believe each person is perfect in every moment and that they just need to remember their perfection to return to center and be balanced. I believe that life on this planet is powered by our choices; that each choice we make sets the course for our next phase. I believe that if I tell you what will be happening years, weeks, days, or hours from now, I have stripped you of your choice. That feels really icky for me, so I don’t do that kind of work.

I sometimes have moments where a prospective client will reach out for help and they will place all of the responsibility for their healing upon my shoulders. Often, these people are unwilling to share anything about themselves and expect me to “use my intuition to figure it out.” These people are also the ones who get offended if I bring up the fact that my work is about being accountable and uncovering the lies they may be telling themselves. They are the ones who think I must fix them. If I go against my intuition and agree to work with them, they will, in the end, be very pissed off at me and say horrible things to everyone around them because they didn’t “get better” and it’s my fault. I know this because I have, sadly, been there, done that way too many times – more times than I care to admit. I don’t play that game anymore and I can tell, within the first 3 seconds of talking with people like this, that they are not in a space to work with me.

The work of The Phoenix requires accountability. It requires willingness. It requires honesty. It is the work of life-death-life and, for the client, they have to be 100% engaged in their work and expecting nothing from me other than protection and guidance, because it is their life-death-life work we are doing.

My clients are some of the most amazing people I have met on this planet! They are facing enormous challenges and they are doing so through willingness and courage. To work with The Phoenix is to take yourself time and again into the fires and rise anew. It takes balls to do this work and it isn’t for everyone.

The audio of this video below is a collection of clips from interviews with prospective clients as a way of explaining what it is, exactly, that I do in my work and what is expected of the clients who are interested in working with me:

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