bridgeIt is one of those mornings that I feel like I’m meant to write something – feel it strong enough that I got out of bed earlier than usual and sat down here at my computer to write. But, when I did, I had no idea what I was going to write. I sat here, staring at my screen, feeling the impulse to write and waiting for the words. Nothing.

As of late, I have had a lot of pondering going on…

Ponder: (verb) to consider something deeply and thoroughly; to weigh carefully in the mind; consider thoughtfully

Yes, there are many things to ponder in my world. Foremost in my stream of pondering, however, is “how can I better serve the world?”

People have commented over the last several years that I appear to be much too happy most of the time. Frequently, when they’ve said it, it hasn’t been meant as a compliment. It was an expression of their judgment of me that I was too impossibly happy for them. Each time someone says that to my face, I wonder about it. I ponder it. Is it possible to be too happy too often?

It is a choice I make to come from a place of joy and love. It is how I serve me. Because I choose to be in a space of gratitude and choose to look for the beauty, the love, the miracles, and the magic in whatever situation I’m in, then that is what I see. I understand that, for some, my happiness feels unreal to them and I’ve also come to understand that the reason for that is because it is a stark contrast to what they experience in their life.

So, as I ponder upon serving the worldI also wonder if me changing my choice to be happy or to curb my happiness is actually a way to better serve the world. I’ve actually considered it, but have come to the conclusion that doing so feels gross to me. I don’t think we need another down-in-the-mouth person on this planet. The thing is, this world is a little upside down. Misery and pain is almost celebrated. War is ongoing and publicized. Infidelity, deceit, violence, misdeeds… they are all too common. Depression is rampant. Dissatisfaction is escalating. Our world is seemingly tilted way off its axis and much of that is because humans have chosen to dwell in the realms of negativity.

It has often been said by gurus and those who are looked up to by masses of humanity that if you want to change the world, ya gotta start with yourself first. There is a bridge I crossed as I closely pondered that saying many years ago. I needed to take accountability for my life, what I was experiencing and where I was headed and that began with me recognizing where I was, actually, so I could face into that and then cross the bridge into serving myself and others.

The way I experience my life is a conscious choice and everyone has that choice at their disposal. As I mentioned, because I choose to see the beauty, the love, the miracles, and the magic, then that is what I experience. And, the good news is… you can experience your life that way too.

Ponder it. It’s your choice to make.

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