The Mirror has Two FacesTonight, I watched The Mirror Has Two Faces with Barbra Streisand and Jeff Bridges. It’s a cute romantic comedy from 1996 that I’ve watched several times before, but felt compelled to watch it again tonight. Generally, what gets me about this movie is the typically-Hollywood happy ending where the lovers end up together and a grand, climatic operatic soundtrack accompanies their true love’s kiss. Yes, that is usually what gets me. However, tonight, I was moved by an entirely different part all together.

I’m not going to go into great depths of detail here, on the off chance that you haven’t seen it and are wanting to, but suffice it to say that Streisand’s character orchestrates a personal transformation. Often, when I watch this movie, I have mixed emotions about the whole transformation part because of the results of it. But, when I watched it tonight, I felt myself open up to the possibility of the character actually loving herself, rather than looking for any certain kind of result.

Then, the soundtrack picked up and matched her pursuit. I had never paid attention to the song that goes along with the montage of transformation scenes, but it jumped out at me and I listened.

As I journey through my own personal, ongoing transformation, I am constantly being made aware of where I am supporting myself and where I am sabotaging myself. More often than not, my sabotaging is rooted in a self-destructive belief that needs to be revisited and released.

I’m grateful for the opportunity of watching this show tonight. It has reminded me that I do have the power inside of me.

The Power Inside of Me by Richard Marx

Seek and you shall find what you may already have.
Sometimes it’s your own shadow standing in your path.
I have spent my life with a vision of myself,
But I may have been somebody, somebody else.
I feel a change in the tide
As I hold my heart open wide.

Knew what I could be.
I never felt the power inside of me.
Now I stand in all the wonder
That the mirror couldn’t see.
I have the power inside of me, yeah.
I have the power inside of me.

Every time I held a rose, I only felt the thorns.
I feel like today’s the day I finally was born.
Now that I see me through these eyes,
I can do more than fantasize.
Knew what I could be.
I never felt the power inside of me.
Now I stand in all the wonder
That the mirror couldn’t see!
I have the power inside of me, oh woah.
Inside of me,
Inside of me!

*A link if you’d like to go listen to the song online… I cannot vouch for its security, so use your own judgment. CLICK HERE

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