The Power of Writing Well

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I have always loved writing. Because it is something I have done my whole life, it is something that comes easily to me and because of that, I really never thought anything about my level of competency. I assumed that, because it comes easily to me that it comes easily for everyone. Because of this, I never really received the words when people would say, “Angie, you’re a really good writer.”

Like with anything, practice really does strengthen a skill. However, when the skill comes with passion and natural born talent and you add practice to it, then it becomes an art. I now see that my ability to write well is actually a gift that I have crafted into an art. And, honestly, I am still a bit surprised every time I relearn this lesson.

You have within you some pretty powerful gifts and, even if they come easily to you, it doesn’t mean they are any less powerful – or rare. Embrace them and honor them. Because those gifts have been given to you so that you may be of service to humanity through the use of those gifts.

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9 Responses to The Power of Writing Well

  1. Thanks for this. While I believe I am a good writer, it feels like work for me, and I constantly revise, check and check again before I publish anything. I love that you say, “Like with anything, practice really does strengthen a skill. However, when the skill comes with passion and natural born talent and you add practice to it, then it becomes an art.” Practice definitely does help it get easier for me and, in your words, strengthens my skill. And because I write about my passion – the Alexander Technique – I am inspired to keep writing. Whether that has yet become an art, I do not know! :)

  2. I find I had so many ideas of things I want to do that I don’t concentrate on them enough. However, as I’ve gotten older (and a little wiser 😉 ) I’ve learned what I can spend my time learning and what I cannot / do not want to, so I spend the time doing things I can turn into an art. Tarot being one :)

  3. I agree Angie. When something comes naturally such as writing it’s just normal to the writer. Maybe not a big deal even. But then when the compliments come, we have to adjust our thinking and realize it’s a talent, and an art, and perhaps something we need to share more! Thx for sharing your talent and art!

  4. Angie, I agree that writing is a gift and if it is nurtured with passion it becomes an art. We are all artists in our own way. Take those compliments with a big “Thank You”…that will foster your talent even more! :)

  5. I used to look at gifted artists and athletes and assume that their talents came easily to them. Over time I came to understand that even natural gifts must be nurtured, strengthened, challenged, and sustained. Even great writers need to learn to deepen and edit their work and let it evolve. The real gift is the passion that moves one to bring to life that talent. It is wonderful to use those gifts for the good of humanity!

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