As a parent, there seems to always be a struggle between raising our children “right” FOR THEM – parenting intuitively – and raising our children “right” according to what others say is supposed to be done.

Recently, I watched Captain Fantastic and was so enthralled with the soundtrack, that I purchased it. It has been a long time since I enjoyed listening to classical music, but the selections chosen for this movie are astounding. I’m listening to it as I work and have been thinking about the movie, as well.

There was a scene between the father and his oldest son, Bo, that really touched my heart. Bo was angry because he was old enough to realize just how much he didn’t know because of the way his parents had allowed him to grow up – natural and wild.

He and his siblings were inhumanly strong because of their daily, physical regime. They were spiritually balanced because of their daily meditations and philosophical discussions. They were prepared for any disaster and had amassed an armory of survival skills. They were inquisitive and had a thirst for knowledge because they had been taught to explore without limits. They knew the meaning of rigorous honesty because their parents shielded them from nothing and answered everything as though they would understand it and therefore, they did. No question, no topic, no philosophy was off limits in this family. No emotional expression was barred. They had learned to strategize and plan and reason things through. They had been raised with hunting and growing their own food. They were brilliant because of the books they read, the topics they explored, the life they had lived.

And, as Bo reached manhood, he yelled, “Unless it is in a book, I don’t know it.” He had come to discover that his idyllic childhood had not prepared him for the “real” world. He didn’t know how to socialize. He didn’t know how to relate to humans outside of his isolated life.

I cried during this scene because it was another scene in a string of scenes where the father was receiving the feedback that he and his wife had screwed up in their parenting choices. It broke my heart because I could see the magic and the miracles in this family. I cried because I am aware that because of the inherent adaptability and resiliency within those children *because* of the way they had been raised, they would be able to acquire the social skills required of them in the “real” world a hell of a lot faster than any child raised solely in the “real” world will ever be able to adapt to the magnificent life experience these children had been given.

The Millennials and Alphas are MAGICAL beings who require intuitive parenting. And the feedback I’ve been receiving is that the #DearSenstives need support in this. We want to understand and empower these two powerfully gifted generations of new humans. And on the flip side, I am hearing from the Millennials and Alphas that they need and want to be heard, seen, and supported in their unique mission here on Earth.

We’ll be discussing, clearing, healing, and learning about this during session one of Waking the Monarchy on 7/15/17. Come join us for a space to air your concerns, find answers, receive clarity, and rise up into Love with our Millennials and Alphas.

All ages welcome. Visit the website in the first comment for more info and tickets.

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