My #DearSensitives,

Now is the time to be CRYSTAL CLEAR about your sources of information. Be fully conscious about what you are allowing in your space and what you are allowing into your ears, your eyes, your mind. Be aware of what pain you are taking on, or if it is even yours to carry; most likely, you CAN transmute it and return it to Source, so do so immediately, as soon as you become aware of it.

Choose wisely as to where you direct your focus. Be thoughtful about what you put out into the world, asking yourself if you are contributing to the maelstrom of hate, or if you are infusing the world with the energy of Love, Peace, and Gratitude. Remember that EVERYTHING you do and say is causing ripples in magnitudes that we cannot even imagine.

You are IMPORTANT to this Movement of Wakefulness and it is imperative that you are shored up, your reserves are full, and you have safe spaces where you can go to clear and unload yourself. As a Sensitive, you are most likely taking on energy in an effort to keep the miasma of destruction at a lower level of intensity. Thank you for that – AND – be impeccable with yourself. You deserve to live at peace and in joy. Be conscious of what you are carrying and do everything in your power to GET CLEAR OF ALL THE SHIT.

Practice immense self-love, honest reflection, and radical accountability for yourself, your actions, your thoughts, your beliefs, and your words. Bond together with people that mirror your best attributes and strengths; minimize exposure to those who willfully abuse you, degrade you, belittle you, or force their views upon you.

I am willing to stand up and I will fight for you or beside you. I am honored to be of service to you in any way that I can. And as a loving reminder, your most powerful tool is readily accessible at any moment: YOUR ABILITY TO INHALE AND EXHALE.

I love you and I am grateful for the work you are doing.

We got this.

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