Frequently, because I am the Warrior Queen, when someone shows up in front of me in agreement to work together, I am allowed to see their Warrior self. I am allowed to see their lineage and who they are energetically, who they are on a soul level. It is one of the most magnificent experiences to be introduced to the royal energy that is walking this earth. I never grow tired of it.

It is our Warriors who have had the most brutal fight as humans, many of them coming from excruciating childhoods of abuse, neglect, and abandonment. Many of them – many of you – have a frontline experience of feeling unloved, unwanted, and unworthy in all of the many forms of those experiences. It is with full recognition of the beautiful irony of this next statement, but I have been shown, have witnessed, and have come to know this to be true: our greatest Warriors are also our greatest Victims. And it is fully by design that it be this way.

Because of my commitment to Healing the Victim energy on this planet, I have the opportunity to be before many “victims” in all different stages of their victimhood. Depending on where they are in their healing of that energy and how open they are to the truth, I often get to show them and help them remember that they are really damn powerful and with huge power, at that.

When I am guided to do so, the very first thing out of their mouth, without fail, is, “If I am so damn powerful, then why do I feel weak? Why have I been so ___________…” and they fill in that blank with words like abused, unloved, beaten, abandoned, neglected, not enough, etc.

What I can tell you is the same thing I am guided to speak to each of these “victims” that are led to me: for whatever reason, you chose in this lifetime to fully experience victimhood and now it is time to choose differently. Your pain has been far from pointless. When you choose to release yourself from victimhood, so shall it be.

My friend, if you find yourself in the place of wondering why this life is so hard, why your relationships don’t work, why people keep leaving you, why you’re even on this planet when you don’t want to be, why nothing works out the way you want it to, why you seem to never have what you need, or what it’s all for, I invite you to take a breath and remember this…

This life is a choice. Your experiences are built on the back of your choices. If you do not like what you are experiencing, then make. different. choices.

Also, victimhood is a state of mind. It is created in your thoughts. When you stop thinking and believing that “this always happens to me,” – whatever your flavor of “this” is – and you choose to begin thinking about and believing in your magnificence, you will begin to emerge from the prison of Victim and rise up as the powerful Warrior you’ve been designed to be.

Living as a Victim for the Warriors is a very powerful step in their progression and transformation. It provides a visceral knowing of the struggle of humanity, which imparts a very unique and significant form of compassion. It also allows a space for each Warrior who removes her/his victim mask and steps into the stance of who s/he really is at the core of her/himself. That space is one of definite knowing that self-respect, self-love, and self-nurturing are the keys to strength and, above all else, self-honoring. Because, when the Warrior honors him/herself, everyone honors the Warrior and the victim energy dissipates, as if by magic.

Breathe. And choose again. The power to transform your life is within you and those two tools are your magic wand.

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