They Called Me Pork Chop

I have always loved poetry slams. There is something so raw, so graceful, so heartrending about sitting in an audience, listening to a poet pour out his or her soul in the cadence of the slam. This morning, I had the unexpected opportunity to sit awhile and behold a poetry slam.

Written by Shane Koyczan, and based on his life experience, this piece you are about to experience appeals to me on every level – as a healer, an artist, a writer, and a designer. It is beautifully done and for such a timely topic: bullying.

The words, images, movements, and transitions through the stories of these people’s lives come together in collaborative, poignant perfection and grasped my attention from the first word spoken. This piece is a work of art that I want to share because I am a Healer and there is powerful healing within it, if you choose to allow it, if you choose to absorb it, if you choose to embrace it.

I’m sharing this work because I am a designer who is in love with letters and words, typography and layout, and this masterpiece effortlessly displays excellence in working with all of those realms. I am sharing it because I am an artist who heals through her art and in this piece, I find healing in the art as it moves and clashes, changes and develops, and fully, harmoniously expresses the truth of the words. I am sharing this work because I am a writer and I can recognize good writing… this is above and beyond good writing.

In this world, there is a growing epidemic… humanity is stripping away one another’s humanness. This must stop. And, whenever I find something that speaks to that, I listen.

Please enjoy. Please share.


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