So, my #DearSensitive friends, there are some humans who will not like it when you stand up for yourself or for those you are attempting to help. Case in point…

Teenage girl and her mother just walked up.

Nervous teenager says to me: I’m wondering if you could help me decide how to pick a deck of cards. Do you do that?

She was so beautiful and I wanted to immediately wrap her in my arms and love on her. I couldn’t figure out why that need to protect her was so strong, but it was. It was undeniable. Undeniable enough that I nearly cried with the need to embrace the child in front of me.

Smiling, at the young woman, I said: Yes, I can do that and I w…

Mom cuts in: She’s a *reader,* she doesn’t help you pick cards.

This was all said as the mom was looking at the girl and in a tone that caused the young woman to bow her head. I could see the young woman’s energy begin to stutter.

Mom turned to me and spoke at me with a tone of superiority every time she spoke in reference to her daughter: See, she thinks she wants to read cards. I gave my deck of fairy cards to my older daughter and now she wants cards too. She just wants to read about love and stuff.

Looking directly at mom, I said with a smile: I am really happy and willing to answer her question and help her. Are you willing to allow me to answer her question?

Mom threw her hand up in front of her to block out my face and sent a huge burst of energy forward to smack me as she said, yelling the last word: Wow! You are a BITCH!

Daughter gasped and looked at me, eyes wide, and mouthed: Whoa. I’m sorry.

Then mom waved her hand in front of me in a counter-clockwise direction and said, really loudly: Yeah. You ARE a bitch. You have REALLY bad energy!

She started pounding her hand, palm toward me, as if she were hitting a button. I felt my shields all expand and absorb the energy she was attempting to fling my way. I felt the zing in my first and second chakras. I felt my Phoenix kick into high gear. I witnessed the young girl shrinking until she was nearly invisible.

The mom yelled at me as she backed away, all while hitting that button she was using in an attempt to deflate me: No! You ARE bad, BAD energy! Stay away from me, bitch. COME ON!

She yelled the last at her daughter. It felt like she grabbed her, but I don’t know that she physically did. Either way, the young girl walked away with her, her shoulders were slumped, her head was bowed.

They don’t like to be seen, those who are abusive. They don’t want their truths out there. And they will do whatever they can to deflect so that they can stay in the shadows.

When you are a Truth Seer and a Truth Teller and when you can see that a parent is abusing a child in ANY way, those who are being abusive in any manner WILL fight back. They will attempt to make the “wrongness” of the situation be about you.

In this time, we NEED the Truth Seers and Tellers to be on their game. It is time that abuse is ended. The only way we humans are going to make it through this next phase of evolution is if we STAND UP FOR THE END OF ABUSE.

And when we stand up together, united for peace and love, then there is hope.

When you are standing for truth, love, and peace, and someone treats you as this woman treated me today, you can know that you are on the mark. Stand tall. Remain true and strong. Allow those words to bounce off. And remember that the truth requires no defense.

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