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There is a very good chance that you have difficulty Meditating because you are “too aware” or your mind is “too busy” or you are “unable to turn off the imagination.” You have probably rolled your eyes and scoffed at others who tell you meditation is a peaceful practice because you experience it as everything BUT peaceful. When you meditate, you are distracted by your hurts, you can’t shut off your brain, and you are really uncomfortable.

In my meditation today, I noticed that when I was focused on my mantra and my breathing, then I was at peace. At the *very moment* I began thinking, I saw that I was in the past – dwelling in memories – or in the future – creating stories which were mostly different flavors of fear. The moment I realized that my presence was not in the NOW, I brought myself back. Every single time I returned to myself, I noticed that my abdomen had been in constriction and my breathing was shallow.

Meditation is all about being present for the NOW so it makes perfect sense to me that our Egos run away with us in that moment. If we are present for the NOW, we just may realize that all is well, we are perfect, and there is NOTHING to be feared. These concepts are scary for the Ego because they eliminate its job of keeping us safe, therefore eliminating the Ego, which it will fight against with all it is worth. The magic of meditation is it is a practice of bringing your attention to the pinpoint in time called The Present, the NOW.

For Powerfully Sensitive People, your presence in the NOW is the key to your success. Your power and your gifts are for the NOW. Humanity needs you to be here NOW. Breathing is one of the simplest ways of getting you into the NOW. And meditation IS truly peaceful when you are. in. the. NOW.

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