THRIVE!I took the time this evening to watch the movie, Thrive! It swept through Salt Lake a few months ago in a frenzy of excitement and almost frenetically worshipful gatherings that felt too much like the insanity of tent revivals, so I steered clear. In talking with many of my friends who had participated in many of the events and Kirtans that happened in conjunction with the events, I got the same impression – bat shit crazy.

Tonight, I watched it. It came as inspiration as part of a process that I’ve committed to. As I let the imagery and information soak in, I realized all I had gone through during the time since it came to Salt Lake, in what ways I’ve transformed myself and what I have committed to, for myself. I understood tonight that, back then, a few months ago, I would have been irreparably fried had I watched it. Tonight, though, it felt right. So, I watched it and I wept. I raged. I paced. I felt terrified. I got good and pissed. I cried some more.

My work – or one avenue of my work, at least – is called Moments of Awakening. Someone once told me that, when they read my work, for the short moments that they are immersed in the experience of reading my Meditations, they are awakened. It stuck. I didn’t know then, years ago, the importance of what that meant or what it would come to mean. But, I understand now.

The other avenue of my work is called Phoenix Touch. This name came as an inspiration while in massage school through the lyrics of a song that moved me then and still moves me now. When I assumed the title of The Phoenix, I had no idea at that time what the implications were. I didn’t understand that it meant to transform myself time and again while assisting others to do the same. I didn’t realize it meant I was going to go into the flames and emerge stronger, healthier, unscathed and healed. I didn’t realize it meant I was going to do that for myself and then, do it for others… that I would walk into hell and retrieve those who had lost their way. I understand that now.

It is time, my friends, to wake up. Claim your right to thrive and to be fully alive. Join me. And… if you’re unsure of the way, there are those who have started along the path already who are willing to hold your hand. I am one of them, but there are many of us.

Ask and you will receive.


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  1. Time to wake up no doubt !

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