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accept yourself
The message I have been receiving lately, from many sources and in many different ways, is the importance of self-care, self-love, and self-acceptance. In a mentoring group I am in, the facilitator spoke of how the number one thing in common with professionals who have resounding, ongoing success is that they practice self-nurturing.

For a long time, I did not understand the concept of giving to myself first or what it meant when mentors would say to me, “Angie, you need to love yourself.” Goodness! I was alive. I was here. I was living – well, sorta living. Didn’t that mean I loved myself? No. That isn’t the case. Sorta living and struggling to survive isn’t actually being alive. It is only struggle and it is not loving.

I had been trained, and believe that much of the world has been taught the same thing, that focusing on myself was selfish and prideful. Through that long-ingrained concept, my lack of self-focus devolved into ongoing self-betrayal. I had no concept of what it meant to be loving to myself and, actually, I was quite mean to myself. My thoughts were full of hateful self-dialogue and diatribes designed to destroy me from within. Not only did I have an absence of self-love; I had an overwhelming amount of self-loathing.

What I have come to understand is the power of my internal world. I am constantly in creation mode. I am either building up or tearing down. Either is creation mode. The movies I watch, the music I listen to, the books I read, the television shows I follow, the statuses of friends on social media networks that I absorb, the people I choose to spend my life with… all of these add to my internal world. It is all of this that fuels my life.

When I am focused on speaking kindly to myself and filling my mind with loving thoughts and my life with supportive energy, then I magnetize myself to attract kind, loving, and supporting people and experiences. When I am unwaveringly committed to being fully alive and in my Love, then everything I do, speak, and experience must be in alignment with that commitment simply because that is my focus, my sole intent… my SOUL intent.

Loving myself looks like smiling at myself in the mirror and appreciating the things I like about myself – even on “bad hair days.” It looks like me noticing the areas that may need improvement – like my weight – and appreciating the steps that I’ve taken in support of that and blessing myself in the process of it, being grateful for my body that supports me as I learn to support it. It looks like speaking up for myself, standing up for what I believe in, standing with those who have need of support. It looks like knowing what is true for me and treating myself kindly and being respectful of others when our truths do not align. It looks like taking time every day to feed my soul with goodness through reading, meditating, movement, and listening to music that inspires me. And, it looks like chocolate… the best quality of chocolate when I come across it.

Finding what it means to “love yourself” and “care for yourself” is, for each of us, a very private and inward journey, but one that is your divine right to embark upon. It is the answer to every question and it is, indeed, the cornerstone of a solid foundation for success.

© Angie K. Millgate 08/08/13

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