That IS the question.

You may be an excellent, passionate, provocative speaker. This does *not* mean you will be able to convey that when you attempt to be a writer because your power is in your presence. And, in writing, that power gets lost in “good grammar” and “proper sentence structure” and “what the hell is the right word to express what I’m trying to write” and on and on and on.

Conversely, you may be able to write an epic novel that moves nations and inspires millions, but if you attempt to become a speaker, you may not even move one person because you’ve got lousy stage presence and lackluster energy, or you don’t like your voice or you’re afraid to project to the back row or you don’t know how to move your body or stand in ways that are open and inviting.

Being a powerful speaker may or may not equal being a powerful writer may or may not equal being a powerful speaker. Both of these avenues of creative expression are stronger when it is a passionate, innate ability that the person is born with. It is a rare individual who successfully does both with equal verve, power, and inspirational impact. And, truth is, that individual knows they have equilateral abilities. The one who does not have equilateral abilities knows that, as well.

If your strength is in one field over the other, being willing to ignore the “experts” who say you *must* be both is a beneficial and courageous move that will add years to your life.

Carry on.

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