When you remember your Divine Self is born of Peace and Love and commit to living in a way that honors your Divine Self, then everything you say, every relationship you create, every project you start, every dream you envision, every collaboration, all of it resonates with the energy of Peace and Love. Or it doesn’t. And, when it doesn’t you know it clearly and you can choose to tolerate it, choose to realign it to your True Self, or choose out of it all together. It is, really, that simple. It is either a match for you or it isn’t. What you do with it is your choice. But, keep in mind, “tolerating” something is one of the quickest roads to resentment. It takes courage to stand up for yourself and admit that the situation you are “tolerating” is no longer okay for you. That road is the one that leads to fulfillment and freedom. Which road are you going to take?

Committed to reminding you of the Love Energy within you, focusing on that energy, and then magnifying it.

The True Self


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