I opened the kitchen curtains this morning to discover diamonds dangling from the branches of the tree outside the window. The rain drops have collected amongst the budding leaves and are waiting expectantly for gravity to pull them to the earth. The angle of the rising sun is absolutely perfect to cast them into shimmering orbs of brilliance. It is such a delight each morning to discover what wondrous things await me on the other side of the curtains!

Today, I am grateful for… * feeling successful about all of the school projects I got completed this weekend * knowing that the semester is nearly ended * Pandora radio * Hulu.com * feeling love for myself * learning that I’m really good at pretending to be small * things that stay consistent as I continually take myself through transformation * learning about catharsis and what it means for me * being willing to look at myself when someone says something to me that feels incongruent * being willing to speak when I discover that their “diagnosis” of who I am is off base * country music that just fits the mood, sometimes * long walks * the HUGE raven who is a resident in this neighborhood and a constant reminder for me to listen to spirit.

I AM happy to BE alive and to feel this expansion within.

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