You may not be aware of this show, but I believe it is the MOST brilliant show on television right now. “Being Erica” is filmed in Canada (Ontario, I believe) and airs weekly on the Soap Network. However, the entire run of this show can be seen on

The premise of the show is Erica is in a unique “therapy” wherein her therapist, Dr. Tom, has the ability to send her back in time to “fix” her regrets. Generally what happens is she ends up learning and healing, rather than “fixing.”

It’s a very powerful concept, this show, and I wish that more people knew about.

I’m posting this here as an invitation to each of you to watch this specific episode. It is about a topic that far too many of us can relate to – having our identity stripped from us – as well as how violence feeds violence. Take 45 minutes out of your life, find a quiet space and settle in to be moved…

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