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Profoundly Sensitive People…

Some days you wake up completely pissed off for no apparent reason. You’re cranky. You’re quick to anger. You’re snappy. And you develop a dangerously sharp tongue. You feel frustrated because you know you’re being illogically pissy and that people are uncomfortable around you because of it. No matter what anyone says, you bite their head off and simply can’t help yourself.

Truth is… *you* are upset about something that you are refusing to look at; this has nothing to do with anyone else. Your powerful system is designed to be very aware of your emotions and your thoughts. If you are not continually clearing your system, you will experience back up. Having the support of an energy worker whom you trust is highly beneficial. Even though you are incredibly powerful by your own right, it helps to have someone outside of you who can see the forest you’re standing in.

When you find yourself snapping at even the birds who are singing happily in the trees as the sun rises, it is a vivid sign that you have gone waaaaaaaay beyond your own boundaries and it’s time to get support.

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