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I call the virtual contracting “side” of me Vanguard Assistance for a few specific reasons.

First, the definition, in and of itself, delights me (as per Google definition):

vanguard definition
I like the idea of providing service that is a cutting edge for entrepreneurs who are bringing into this world new ways of doing old things, products and services that uplift humanity and provide transformation, and who are the advance guard, themselves.

Secondly, there is an aspect of my divine design that is powerfully protective and willing to stand in front of whomever I am protecting. Because of this ability, I am able to see things in ways other designers or assistants are unable to see. I am willing to go to the frontline to bring forth the vision entrepreneurs hold in their minds, but have been unable to bring into the world.

I am a funky blend of experience in earthbound, logical, corporate systems and mystical, ethereal, creative arts. I have 20+ years in C-Level Executive Assisting in Corporate America. Some accomplishments in that arena are…

  • Several years as the assistant to the CFO, CEO, and President of the Board for a 70+ group of physicians. I was the sole person responsible for scheduling those 70+ physicians in over 180 positions for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year in hospitals and imaging centers in Salt Lake City, Tooele, and Ogden.
  • Seven years as executive assistant to the CEO of a high-end, million-dollar, design-build residential construction company. I was responsible for running the ENTIRE business on my own while he was out in the field, doing everything from vendor relations to payroll to accounts payable/receivable to human resources to worker’s comp claims to quarterly employee-related taxes to monthly multiple bank account reconciliation to financial preparation for business taxes.
  • Four years as executive assistant to the Board of Directors and Office Manager for a non-profit bid service that acted as mediator between General Contractors and Mechanical and Electrical Subcontractors. I created forms, submitted bids, ran statistics, tallied all bids, and formally announced bid award.

Since 2004, I have been an entrepreneur and expanding my skillset in the healing and creative arts. I am a published author, artist, and Healer, while being a freelance graphic designer and executive assistant to entrepreneurs. I am not a standard VA, in that my skillset is broad, deep, and advanced. Additionally, I am an Energy Reader and Healer, so when you hire me, you bring magic into your business.

I prefer to bid my work on a project basis or in a retained service package, instead of hourly rate. I offer preferential rates and priority to the retained service packages.

CLICK HERE to go to my temporary page about Vanguard Assistance to learn more about some of what I offer.

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