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The other day, I logged into Facebook and the first thing on my newsfeed was a posting from a woman whom I truly love and respect. She had posted a link to a TedTalk video entitled Meet The Doctor Who Thinks We Have America’s Biggest Health Problem Backward. I felt curious and so, I clicked the link.

Dr. Attia presents compelling evidence in such a gracious, easy to understand way. I found myself riveted to the spot as I listened to the smooth cadence of his voice. He offered a vast amount of information in such a short time, but did so in such a way that I was completely unaware of time. There was no rush or breathlessness in his presentation, so unlike many of the other TedTalks that I have watched.

Then, he opened up and revealed truths about himself, his judgments, and his life experience. He shared from the heart and I felt myself moved. Nothing can move me more deeply or more quickly than a beautiful, strong, brilliant man who is willing to be vulnerably honest, raw, and human.

Not only is this video informative, it is passionate and honest and that, my friend, is what we need more of in this world.

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2 Responses to Vulnerable Science

  1. Pete says:

    Wow Angie, powerful talk. I wish more of our Drs and scientists understood that what they learned in school isn’t the last word, but oly what is known till now … When they do, a new renaissance will be born …

    • Angie K. Millgate says:

      The thing is, this particular doctor only shifted his perception when, after “doing everything right” he found himself with compromised health. I feel sad that, even though this IS a powerful presentation, his change of heart only came AFTER he got sick and wanted to understand it for himself.

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