Waking the Monarchy webWaking the Monarchy – led by The Phoenix, Angie K. Millgate – is an experience of igniting your ancient royal heritage, clearing all that is blocking your divine purpose, and transforming the mundane to magical. Delivered in three 90-minute sessions, you are welcome to attend one, two, or three sessions, according to what lights you up.

Session 1: 11:00am – 12:30pm ~ PURCHASE TICKETS (refund policy)

Millennials and Alphas ~ Understanding, Empowering, and Raising them while Allowing them to be their Magnificent Selves (for Millenials, Alphas, and Adults who want to understand them)

Session 2: 1:30pm – 3:00pm ~ PURCHASE TICKETS (refund policy)

Being Sensitive in Today’s Crazy World ~ Understanding and Empowering Sensitives and Learning Skills for Thriving as a Sensitive (for anyone who is able to See, Feel, Hear, Sense, and Know that which other people are not picking up on)

Session 3: 3:30pm – 5:00pm ~ PURCHASE TICKETS (refund policy)

Romance, Love, and Relationships ~ Understanding Soul Mates, Twin Flames, and DNA Programming while Healing all that is Messed up in Love
(for anyone who has loved and lost, is loving, wants to be loved, or is utterly confused about anything love-related)

Tickets are $33/person per session (refund policy) ~ Cash discount $30/per person per session

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