You’ve been hurt. Those you love were hurt. You are angry. You want justice. You want the person(s) who hurt you to hurt as much as you do.

How long will you hold on to this anger, this driving need for vengeance? How long is long enough? At what point will you know justice has been served? How will you know that the pain you feel has been matched on the other end? When that pain is matched, will THAT be enough?

Your willingness to continually punish those who hurt you by withholding your forgiveness punishes only you and keeps you locked in a battle with ghosts of the past.

The only way humanity will continue beyond the generations now being born is if we choose to LET GO of the need to “make them pay for what they’ve done.”

We are all One. We all get out or none of us do. We HAVE TO do this together.

It is time to let go and REMEMBER.

You ARE Love and if we are ALL ONE, then so is the person who used, abused, or betrayed you.

We. ARE. All. Love.


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