Melania Trump

I wonder… when Melania came to the US to pursue her modeling career back in 1996, did she ever imagine she would be in a monstrous media firestorm like she is now in?

I wonder… when she married The Donald back in 2004, did either of them have any inkling of where they would be today?

I wonder… how does SHE experience this country, given that she is a fairly new US citizen (since 2006, according to some sources)?

I wonder… she speaks five languages, but she was born in Slovenia and, therefore, English is not her native language. Does she feel hurt by the people who make fun of the things she speaks?

I wonder… it seems her focus is going to be education about and against cyber-bullying. Could it be possible that this is a result of all the people who continue picking on her and spewing hate in her direction through social media?

I do not envy her her new position and her sudden thrust into the limelight through such unforgiving scrutiny and hateful diatribes from anyone and everyone.

It’s time to STOP SPEWING HATE and get clear on the facts. Whether we like it or not, Melania Trump IS our First Lady and her husband, Donald Trump IS the President of the United States.

Melania and Donald are now representing the United States – which means, for some godforsaken reason, it is acceptable that they are now the target for really heartless people who feel it is their right to speak in degrading ways about these people. But, the fact is, they are STILL ONLY HUMANS. And while they may be greatly flawed and fantastic targets for all the spite you can muster up, they still are HUMANS who are someone’s children, someone’s parents, someone’s friends.

Stop it, people. You have a choice to actually make a difference here and STOP FEEDING THE VIOLENCE.

When you persist in spreading the hate, YOU ARE THE HATE.

Just. Stop.

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