I want to talk to you today about BEING DIFFERENT…

I have recently received the feedback from several people that they experience me as a healer unlike any they have experienced before. It speaks to something about me that has often confused me… I AM unique in the way I do things… in the way I do pretty much everything. But, it really applies to how I metaphysically See, Feel, Hear, and Heal.

For a very long time, I had human coaches and mentors telling me I was doing “it” the wrong way, that I couldn’t possibly DO what I was trying to do, that it “couldn’t be done” the way I intuitively felt it could be done. Even though my Spirit Guides kept telling me I was on the right track and that there wasn’t a human who could show me to do what I do, I kept listening to those humans and feeling really confused about myself. And really broken.

There are teachings out there that may be confusing you about how to run your gifts. You may be hearing these teachings and hearing that running the emotions/energy of others through your body is “unhealthy” or “wrong” or “bad.” I’ve come to see that some of the #Sensitives are processing this message as though these leaders are saying humans are not supposed to run energy through their body at all. Ever. That message is very confusing if you are a body-centered Empath, like I am.

Many of you are completely capable of running this energy through your body and that is why you are here. The glitch in the system happens when you begin holding onto this energy, rather than transmuting it. THAT is the problem. Our human bodies are not designed to hold emotions within us. Emotional energy is not meant to be held within anything. It is Energy in Motion. E-Motion. EVERY human can run their own emotional energy through their own body – that’s why we friggin’ have these bodies! To experience life.

I’m here to tell you that there ARE some humans who can also run other’s energy through their body AND TRAMSMUTE IT. I’m one of them. And for a long time, that meant that people told me I was doing it wrong and if I were to listen to some of today’s leaders, I would still be getting that same message: don’t run other’s energy through your body. Just because the teacher believes and teaches, “Humans cannot run other’s energy through their body,” doesn’t mean it is categorically true, across the board. I’m proof of that. I am designed to run vast amounts of energy THROUGH my body and transmute it. That is MY design. Maybe it is your design too.

As the energy ramps up on this planet, everyone in the energy healing communities is doing everything they can to keep all of us #DearSensitives running and standing upright. They are teaching coping mechanisms and skills and tools. Many of them have already begun gigantic waves of cult-like energy as they focus on shifting humanity. The messages are going to be as varied as the humans sharing these messages. Simply because the leaders are charismatic, dynamic presenters does not actually mean that their modality is in alignment with you. And, please hear this, nor does that mean their message is wrong, bad, evil, good, or divine. It just may not be in alignment with who you are and only you can figure that out. And, even if everyone else thinks it is THE only way now, doesn’t mean it is THE WAY for you.

That is why there are people like me who have been doing body-centered energy healing for many years now. I have had enough practice with it that I can show others how to do it without causing pain, illness, or distress in their bodies. My Purpose is to support the #Sensitives in uncovering their divine power and living in it all while being human. Also, because I can translate spirit language, I can actually Hear how you’re designed to do your healing work and the ways in which you are using your abilities in unhealthy ways. And because of these gifts, my human trainers – who had never seen anyone do what I do – used to tell me I was going to kill myself if I kept doing it the way I was trying to do.

Thing is, I couldn’t do it any differently, no matter how I tried. And I did try. For a very long time. THAT almost killed me. Twice.

My invitation to you is threefold:

1) LISTEN TO YOURSELF!!! Only you know what is in alignment with you. Only you know what your purpose is. Only you know your truth. No one outside of you knows that for you. PLEASE! LISTEN TO YOURSELF!

2) TRUST YOURSELF!!! If you are listening to the latest, greatest teachings from the newest modality sweeping through your area and you feel ANY sort of catch or sensation that feels like… “Uh… wait… what?” That is your intuition telling you something is out of alignment with you. Many of these modalities are fast-paced and have an underlying energy of a tent revival with shouting and rapid-fire processing for days on end. This is all fantastic! AND it may not match you. PLEASE! TRUST YOURSELF!

3) ALIGN WITH LIKE-MINDED HUMANS. The only way through this is together. PLEASE! FIND YOUR TRIBE.


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