sad phoenix

Stretching my boundaries… looking for a new place to live in areas I’ve literally never before considered… saying “no” to pretty much everything in my life as it is right now… crying a lot… ending things that I started in faith, but have not had the return promised… applying for jobs to work for someone else and let go of entrepreneurship, which has become too heavy of burden for me to carry anymore… looking at everything and deciding if it serves me and if it does not, I am ending it in the most graceful way possible…

It is Spring and I am feeling called to expand, but this time, expansion looks nothing like it has looked like for me before.

Some would say all this “ending” and “no” and “shutting down” would be considered death, not life. However, I AM The Phoenix, soooo… DEATH and LIFE are one in the same for me.

And right now, this dying IS living.


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