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Sometimes, I follow curiosity for the mere sake of wanting to know more and then I discover that I have placed myself in the middle of crossfire. Sometimes, that crossfire is incredibly scary and dangerous. Other times, that crossfire is exciting and new and educational. I am in the middle of the second sort of crossfire right now. It’s wildly entertaining and incredible to hold space for this! I shared the beginning phases of what I’m experiencing in my article, Facing the Dragon and, even since that post, I have learned so much and got clarity on so many levels.

I have discovered something magical… these lawmakers I am united with really want to support me and are so respectful and honoring of the work I do, of the work of all the Healers here in the State. It has been beautiful to be witness to their generosity of spirit, their kindness, their willingness to answer questions over and over and over until the Healers understand. They have been tirelessly working for our benefit and I am so moved by their dedication.

The other thing I’ve witnessed is… this movement for most of the Healers who have caught wind of what I’m up to, if they do not join the cause and get educated, they immediately go over the edge into the deep end of fight! battle! defend! disobey! I’ve witnessed “Love and Light” Healers come out fighting for all they’re worth, guns loaded, battle-axes hefted upon their shoulders. And, as I’ve held the space for that fear to dissipate through Love, I’ve come to realize, this movement is activating the long, long, long held terror-filled programs that were spawned centuries ago then grown and implanted in our collective DNA that anyone “magical” will be executed. I’m realizing that this has brought out every single possible fear our healing and magical ancestors carried within them as they were violently stripped of their “Pagan” beliefs, their “Magic,” and their “Witchcraft.”

It is such a tender space I am in to be witness to the sheer panic that has been sparked because of this movement. And my heart aches and breaks for the Healers that are refusing to come out, to speak, to LISTEN to the truth that is being shared. Instead, they’re hiding and growing more and more scared, convinced that, if they come out, they will be “picked off” one-by-one, just like in the witch hunts. They’re yelling to their networks, “You must disobey the lawmakers” and they’re yelling “we’re right; THEY are wrong.” They’re feeding the frenzy of fear when, in fact, there is nothing to fear!

My commitment to this movement is to have it be peaceable, loving. I am committed to educating the Healers about our power and the public about what Healers really do. I am committed to upholding the laws and working with the lawmakers to develop laws that embrace and respect my work, while protecting the innocent citizens that are being abused in the name of “Reiki.”

My experience is this… my commitment is so strong to these above things, it makes the meetings peaceful, open, communicative. The Healers who were present for the meeting on March 17th were demonstratively loving to one another and the lawmakers. By the time we left the space, it was like we were one big, happy family. In fact, Max, one of the lawmakers in attendance, said, “I have never been to such a pleasant public meeting before.” AWESOME!

Fear is simply the body’s notification that something is new or there isn’t enough information about it. It is time to educate yourself on what is really happening in the world of Energy Healing. If you’re a Healer, open your eyes, your heart, and your mind. We are in a new time, a new era, and this time is ours to heal the ways of the past. When we stand united as a force for Love, we become the change. There is no need to hide anymore. There is no need to remain silent. We are here and we are here now because we are needed to do the work that needs to be done.

Tomorrow, I will be hosting a 30-minute radio show wherein I will share the details of what is happening. Join me there as Healer or Citizen to be educated on the details and how you can be a pivotal part in this cause. The link below will take you to the live show or the archives, if you’re unable to make it while I’m on air.

Date of show: March 21, 2014

Time: 10:00am MST

Link: What Happens When Light Workers Unite


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